Your No-Nonsense Guide to Becoming a Highly Paid Cloud Engineer in 2024

A comprehensive guide from someone who’s been there, done that, and made mid-six figures as a cloud engineer!

Usman Aslam


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Hey, fellow tech enthusiasts!

It’s Usman, and I’m here to share a personalized roadmap with you. With over 16 years in the tech industry, including a stint as a Senior Solutions Architect with AWS and the achievement of all 12 AWS certifications, I’ve navigated the dynamic landscape of technology.

Yes, I’ve made mid-six figures as a cloud engineer so you read that right!

I believe 2024 holds the promise of exciting opportunities and lucrative prospects, especially in the evolving realm of cloud computing. Whether you’re just stepping into the tech world or planning a career pivot, mastering cloud technologies can be your key to unlocking success.

In this article, I’ve crafted a comprehensive guide featuring seven essential steps. These steps not only help you secure a Cloud Engineer position at tech giants like AWS but also set the stage for continuous career growth in cloud engineering.

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1. Online Cloud Platforms and Tutorials

Embarking on your cloud education journey is an exciting venture, and the key lies in choosing the right platform to kickstart your learning.

My strong recommendation is to focus on one cloud provider initially, and I personally suggest starting with AWS. Why? Because AWS is a frontrunner among cloud providers, boasting numerous job opportunities in the market.

These cloud giants, including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud, generously provide free trials, offering you a hands-on experience in an authentic cloud environment.



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