Let’s Write a Cloud Computing Career Book… Maybe?

Usman Aslam
5 min readDec 31, 2023
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Dear Tech and Cloud Enthusiasts,

After much thought and consideration, I’ve decided to take a significant step and consider writing a book on launching and growing a career in the cloud computing world. Here is why:

Embarking in the realm of cloud computing has proven to be an exhilarating journey. With a foundation in engineering, I navigated the intricate landscape of cloud computing, encountering challenges that ultimately yielded rich rewards.

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Every step, from delving into technologies like virtualization, cloud networking, cloud security, and databases to obtaining all 12 AWS certifications, has been a crucial foundation for my rapid advancement — from the role of a Principal Cloud Solutions Architect to my recent position as a Director of Solutions Architecture, all within a matter of a few years.

Yet, within this complex journey, I faced two significant challenges that resonated with the struggles of many aspiring cloud professionals.

Firstly, the vast expanse of cloud knowledge demanded versatility, leaving me with noticeable knowledge gaps.

Secondly, the absence of formal education in cloud computing became glaring, even in an era where specialized degrees are emerging.

In my quest to bridge these gaps and stay abreast of the dynamic cloud technologies, I immersed myself in extensive reading, devouring public knowledge from cloud vendors’ documentation, blog posts, whitepapers, on-demand video courses, and industry events. However, despite my commitment to continuous learning, there was a void — a roadmap for launching and growing a career in the cloud.

Launching my journey into the cloud computing space wasn’t a smooth transition. Armed with an engineering background and more than 14 years of experience in another industry, transitioning to a career in cloud computing presented significant challenges. The absence of guidance during this career shift became apparent, and it took nearly a year for me to independently navigate and chart my course in the realm of cloud computing.

Now, I find myself surrounded by a wave of individuals eager to embark on their cloud journey, enticed by the vast opportunities it presents. Yet, they face the same dilemma — the absence of a structured starting point.

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Without formal degrees or clear guidance, many find themselves adrift, wrestling with the challenge of breaking into the cloud industry.

Over the last couple of years, numerous peers, particularly those with backgrounds in engineering, have reached out to me, expressing their desire to transition to the cloud.

My interactions with these individuals have been enlightening, but the demand on my time has been significant.

It became apparent that while there are abundant resources on cloud computing, solutions architecture, cloud security, and cloud networking, a crucial gap persists — a comprehensive guide on launching and growing a career in the cloud.

It is from this realization that the idea of a book on this subject began to crystallize. A book not just detailing the technical intricacies but one that serves as a guiding beacon for aspirants navigating the cloud career journey.

However, before I embark on this endeavor, I seek your input. Is there a genuine need for a book on launching and growing a career in cloud computing? Your thoughts and opinions are pivotal in shaping this initiative.

What topics do you believe should be covered in this book?

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Proposed Outline for the Book:

Here is what I am currently considering to include in the book:

  • Chapter 1: The Cloud Computing Landscape
  • Chapter 2: The Cloud Advantage: Why I Chose a Career in Cloud Computing and You Should Too
  • Chapter 3: Building a Strong Foundation for Success in Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 4: Navigating Career Paths in Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 5: Making the Transition to Cloud Computing
  • Chapter 6: Crafting a Winning Resume and Portfolio
  • Chapter 7: Preparing for Cloud Computing Job Interviews
  • Chapter 8: Skill Development and Continuous Learning
  • Chapter 9: Networking and Community Engagement
  • Chapter 10: Securing Your First Job or Transitioning Roles
  • Chapter 11: Thriving in Your Cloud Computing Career

Additionally, drawing from my experience conducting hundreds of interviews for various technical roles such as Cloud Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, and Infrastructure Engineer, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of the types and difficulty levels of questions asked during interviews related to cloud computing.

Therefore, I plan to furnish detailed answers to the top 20 questions for popular cloud-related roles, including Cloud Engineer, Cloud Solutions Architect, and DevOps Engineer.

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Join me on this exciting journey into the cloud, and let’s collaboratively shape a resource that empowers aspiring cloud professionals to navigate their unique journey in this ever-evolving technology landscape.

Feel free to contribute your insights by commenting on this article, and I’ll incorporate your valuable input as I work on crafting this book. Your thoughts and suggestions play a crucial role in shaping this resource for aspiring cloud professionals.

As we step into 2024, I’m excited not only to dedicate substantial time to writing this impactful book but also to continue sharing my insights through Medium articles.

Stay tuned for more engaging content, and here’s to a fulfilling year ahead!

Happy 2024!

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Author: Usman Aslam (Director of Cloud Solutions Architecture)



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